Douro Valley

Welcome to Douro Valley, probably the most wonderful wine region of Portugal.

Douro Valley isn’t a touristic appendices from Porto. Douro Valley is 100 km away from Porto. Douro Valley is itself a touristic destiny with is own way of think and live. If you are planning to come think always where you will be staying. Don’t use Porto as your base unless you just came to the North of Portugal for a very, very, short visit. Look for accommodations in Pinhão, Régua, Lamego, Sabrosa, Alijó or São João da Pesqueira.

Should you expect a busy, noisy and full of activity region? No. For night life you should stay in Porto. If you like nature, breathtaking views, calm and relaxed way of living you are in the right place.

With this blog we pretend to help people to organize their stay here. Be easy and patient with Douro Valley. The region waked up for tourism few years ago and we are still starting to build infrastructures to receive you as you deserve. At the same time think of you as a pioneer discovering this region when it’s still raw.

Portugal, like so many other country’s in the world is in a moment of migration of the young generations from rural and interior areas of the country to bigger cities. Douro Valley isn’t an exception. Our population is getting older here too. If you are thinking in coming and staying you will be helping us building Hotels, Restaurants, Activities but above all new jobs for our youth. With jobs more of them will stay, more of them will build a family and more of them will help the family keeping the landscape and the vines like a garden.

Welcome again to Douro Valley. And please don’t press us to much. We like slow here.