Pinhão – Douro valley

The village

The village of Pinhão is planted at the confluence of the Douro and Pinhao rivers in an area of about 3km2.
Its population of about 650 residents has decreased over the last fifty years. The fall of population is due to the exodus or to the coast of the country or to foreign emigration.

The importance

Pinhão is an extremely important village in the Douro wine region context for its central position. One can not claim to be the capital of the Douro and Port wine but it is surely his heart. And here is all heart.

Having acquired its importance during the twentieth century thanks to the network of roads and railways does not present a very rich historical heritage.
Nevertheless be sure to see the magnificent tiles with wine themes at the train station.

The richness

The richness of Pinhão is not its architectural heritage but the people and their knowledge. You will find here an enormous collective wisdom of knowledge and flavors, shared and transmitted between neighbors and friends, in the end of the day, around a glass of wine.

Here we experience a rural Portugal already forgotten the coastal cities.

Pinhão way of being

After work men join together to drink and chat.
At first glance they could frighten who is passing by, in their rude, loud voices and burning discussions , but are not angry.
They discuss as hard for, the last football game of their beloved club, treatments to do in the vineyards, the quality of their wines or the hardness of overthrow olives.
And they teach each other.
They do not keep to themselves what they have learned from their parents and grandparents and even transmit the new knowledge and techniques brought by the new engineers who, arrived to the region by the hand of the great exporters of Port wine.

The jealousy, rivalries and quarrels between neighbors exist here as everywhere. Some of these differences are old family wars, which tend to perpetuate in time.

The two worlds of Pinhão

Pinhão lives in two worlds that coexist. The large landowners and small farmers. They are parallel worlds that intersect themselves, but that hardly mix together. The vanity of some and the rudeness of the others, keep themselves apart from each other, creating in Pinhão a disunited, complex and sometimes autistic Douro.

But that’s the life in Pinhão, strong, hard, hot and dramatic because here, everything is heart.

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