Quinta Nova – Douro Valley

Quinta Nova

Inlaid on the right bank of the Douro River, roughly midway between Pinhão and Régua, in one of the most difficult roads in the area you will find Quinta Nova.

Quinta Nova Hotel

Quinta Nova is a wine  and olive oil producer from the Cima Corgo sub-region, belonging to the Municipality of Sabrosa. But, for the moment I will not talk about their wines and olive oils.

Quinta Nova is also home to a hotel unit with few but beautiful rooms and a fantastic restaurant that rivals the very famous DOC.

The accommodation is excellent and the staff is very friendly and welcoming.

It’s a quiet place at night and during the day only the presence of winery  or restaurant visitors may disturb your serenity. But, even so, it will never be anything to much.

They offer an outdoor pool for exclusive use of hotel customers. You will really need that on the hot summer days.

Access to Quinta Nova Hotel

The access to the hotel isn’t so easy. We are talking about 15km of road between Pinhão and Quinta Nova. A narrow road, full of curves, with steep cliffs that sometimes frighten our visitors.

The alternative is chartering a boat to transport you from Pinhão or Foz do Távora to Ferrão, the dock near the hotel. They will pick you there, for sure.

The trip is nice and you will avoid the mountain road.

It is certainly a place to consider for your stay at Douro valley.


Quinta do Crasto – Douro Valley

Quinta do Crasto

Quinta do Crasto is one of the most emblematic Quintas of the Douro Valley in the subregion of Cima Corgo.

Roquette family estate

Quinta do Crasto 5

This Roquette family estate, has acquired over the past decades a high reputation for its DOC wines. The Port wine, as in virtually every other medium-sized enterprises, it’s only Vintage or LBV.

The vineyards have an excellent exposure to the sun that is well reflected in their powerful red wines.

The winery is a modern and well-sized cellar, filled with stainless steel and oak barrels in the “aging” area.

Wine tourism at Quinta do Crasto

Quinta do Crasto 3

In the global context of the Douro wine tourism this is a nice place to you visit.

The wines are good and very well promoted abroad. Mainly in Brasil, where the family have strong connections.

The visitors are accompanied by a very professional team that does not fail to establish a close contact with their visitors. It is both an educational visit but also very familiar and warm.

Booking wine tours at Quinta do Crasto

The major difficulty is to book with them, especially during the month of September, the time of harvest.

The wine tourism team is small and often insufficient for the amount of tourists wishing to visit it. Due to the strong Brazilian wine market they have, they are highly sought after by large groups of Brazilians friends and families. Private tours is something that it will be very difficult to you to get but you could try.

If you want to visit Quinta do Crasto you must make an advance reservation.


Quinta do Crasto 4

Quinta do Crasto is on the right bank of the Douro River after Quinta Nova and Quinta da Marka.

The access can be done by road from Pinhão, Vila Real or Régua. The last one I do not advise because it is a very difficult road and you will have strong chances of getting lost.

The easier the road is from Pinhão. But easier is just a form of expression. The road is quite narrow and curvy and the 15km between Pinhão and  Quinta do Crasto will take, for sure, 30 minutes to make.

The other alternatives are the Train (Ferrão station) or the boat. In both cases you should contact Quinta do Crasto and ask them if they could pick you there. Walk is possible but it will be very hard.